Frame-buffer Native window for openGLES programming


I am using dragonboard410c and trying with opengl programming in C++ application. Our operating system is Yocto Linux and there is no X11 windowing framework. It is direct frame buffer. How to create a native window to pass to eglCreateWindowSurface()

m_EGLWindow = eglCreateWindowSurface(m_EGLDisplay, m_EGLConfig, XXXXXX, attrib_list);

In most of the examples for snapdragon, X-11 window or Android window is passed but whereas in our use-case there is no windowing framework so how to create a native window in Linux for snapdragon processors.

For example, in the case of i.MX6 processors from NXP/Freescale, vivante libraries supports functions like fbCreateWindow() to create a native window to be used with EGL surface


If you selected rpb during environment setup and build rpb-desktop-image, you should have X-11 (startx launches X11).


you can use kms/egl
basically any egl code that works with mesa should work.
Some examples:


Thanks. I made my application working by following these examples.