Forum subscription now available and one other update

If you are logged in, you can now subscribe to the Products, Specification and General forums with a button at the top of the page. Note that you can also subscribe to sub-forums and topics so if you just want to receive entries about the HiKey or DragonBoard 410c boards, you can subscribe to those individually, or subscribing to Products will give you everything about both.

One other minor update: when we launched the HiKey forum, we had three sections: beginners, advanced and troubleshooting. We have combined these into the single HiKey forum after feedback from several people.

We’ve just launched a new feature that means you can reply by email. By default this will subscribe you to that topic and posts within it.

Does this still work? I accidentally deleted my forum subscription and cannot get it back. Each topic has a button, however I don’t see buttons for forums, etc.

Hi @Snowbird, we added the subscribe button. You should be able to see it in the forum page.



That worked - thank you!

Whilst talking about forum features I just wanted (by posting this comment) to find out if embedding Google Docs works as expected:

<iframe src=“”></iframe>

:frowning: That would be a no!

Just pretty links or Example FAQ - Contains nothing useful then.

Good try :slight_smile: Unfortunately you can only link to google doc. We cannot enable iframe due to security.


Sorry to abuse this thread again. I’m working on a markdown to forum formatter and want to check what post-processing we need to do:

<p>Q: Why is this section empty?</p>
<p>The board is still being tested and enabled. Not many people have Viola’s on
their desks at this point so no questions have been frequently asked!</p>
<p>96Boards Documentation port
al (under construction)

Great so we’ll mutate headings to Bold and paragraphs to line breaks. :wink:

Handling preformat might need backquotes?
  This |  is   | a      | table
Don&#039;t  | we    | just   | love it

<tr><td>This is also a table but I expect it to be invalid?</td></tr>