Flashing custom images for RB5

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For the Debian prebuilt images that I found here, I would like to know if it is possible to flash both boot image and root filesystem into RB5 using fastboot following the instructions here, please?

I saw that Thundercomm’s sdkmanager and MULTIDL_TOOL do download prebuilt boot image and then build the root filesystem (which is Ubuntu-18.04) locally, I wonder how to use custom kernel (within boot image) and /or custom/prebuilt root filesystem. Could someone give me a hint?

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yes, you can flash the debian boot and rootfs images you’ve found using fastboot. we haven’t made a formal release with Debian images yet, that’s why the instructions are missing.

You can also customize/recompile the Linux kernel in the boot image, we have instructions for the RB3 which is a ‘similar’ device on http://releases.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard845c/linaro/debian/latest/. The same instructions will work on RB5.

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Hi @ndec,

Thanks for the confirmation and pointing out. By the time waiting for the answer, I figured out the similar info from RB3.

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