Find board compatible with Debian


I’m looking for a board, which is compatible with Debian 10 or 11 Linux. The main tasks that the board will do are storing and running 2 NodeJs apps, and the User interface on Tauri and Postgres in Docker as a database for them. So on a regular computer with Ubuntu Desktop 20 04 all work well and as I know Debian needs less RAM than Ubuntu so we don’t need so much RAM.

One of the Nodejs apps will work with 5 devices based on Arduino throw USB using the npm module serialport. Also, I need to connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the user to be able to work with UI and Ethernet to connect to the internet. So I need one HDMI, one Ethernet and at least 7 USB ports.

Actualy, what I see after my research is that there are a lot of classic motherboards with such output, but in my project, it’s very impotent for the device to be as small as it’s possible. One more about size is that the device shouldn’t be high. And It is not good if USB ports will be located on two floors as they usually do on motherboards.
As the solution, I think we can use a board that is corresponding to all requirements except the number of USB ports and use a usb-hub board to supplement the missing number of ports. But in such a scenario main board must have pins to connect the usb-hub board by jumpers (not a USB cord, because both boards will be located in one body).

Please, help me to choose the board which corresponded to these requirements.

Best regards!