Files transfer using usb



I would like to know if there is any tutorial to transfer files to the board using the usb cable connected to PC Host

Thank you
Paulo Moreira


Hi Paulo @fcppenta

I suspect there are many ways to transfer files over USB, and hopefully @danielt will have a better suggestion.

I managed to get ssh (and scp) running over USB, once you have this file transfer should be easy. A step-by-step guide is provided in Section of the getting started guide at The guide was written to allow a user to connect in the case where there is no display connected to the 410c DragonBoard. The guide has a lot of information you don’t need, but should provide you with enough to get started.

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To be honest my initial thoughts are: Which OS?


OK, I managed to make it using g_ether, I configured the network, it’s ok
Now it’s another problem, but it will be another topic, it’ about the g_hid module that it tells me always that the module does not exist, but it exists…