File disappeared when use adb push and adb reboot

On some old android version, we usually use:

  1. adb root
  2. adb disable-verity
  3. adb reboot
  4. adb root
  5. adb remount
  6. adb push file /vendor/lib64/
    thie cmd to push file to Andoird file system.

but in latest android, it looks like adb disable-verity is not allowed, it always show
“/system/bin/disable-verity only works for userdebug builds” even i already built the whole android image with userdebug. After searching, i found that it looks like system partition is not allowed to write in latest Android.
To push sometime to vendor partition, we can use adb remount or adb remount vendor directly, I tried this, and this two cmd can execute successfully, and i can also do “adb push xxx /vendor/lib64/” successfully, but the file always disappeared after reboot.
Is there anyone can help on this?