Fastboot mode not booting up the hikey 960 board


When i keep the switches as 1. ON , 2. OFF, 3 ON, i,e so that my hikey960 is in the fastboot mode, nothing boots up and nothing turns on .
Only when I have 1. On 2. OFF 3. OFF , that is when my board turns on. What could be causing this issue.

Is there a problem with my board?


If you plug your computer to the board, what happens on host side when you power on the board, any message in dmesg ?

If you want to reflash your board, you can try recovery:


If fastboot is functioning correctly, there should be output from the UART serial console. However, video output or lcd won’t light up, which gives a illusion that the board isn’t booting. Also, a usb device will be detected if you connect the type-c OTG port to your computer, on which you can use fastboot uitility.

Also, as Loic just said. If there really is a problem, you can follow the recover procedure in the official doc.


So you mean that when I keep my board switches in fast boot mode, it wont turn on the board ? Lets say I have an hdmi -VGI cable connected to the board and I set it up in fastboot mode.Will it not turn on ?

But when I connect the usb C cable to my laptop and do a sudo fastboot devices, It is showing up my device.

Is there a possibility to see the display on the monitor when I’m in fastboot mode


The purpose of fastboot is to provide a means of recovery and so video output is not necessary. You can use fastboot program on your PC with usb-c otg cable to flash the board. Actually a special fastboot program is booted instead of android. After you have finished your job with fastboot, you can turn switch back to normal to boot into the system.


ohh okay, Thank you so much