Fastboot flash rootfs failed remote: buffer overreads occurred due to invalid sparse header

When flash the Debian rootfs to development board, it failed as below:
writing ‘rootfs’ …
FAILED (remote: buffer overreads occurred due to invalid sparse header)
finished. total time: 2.450s

Would you please help me sort out this issue.


Did you make any customizations on rootfs?

No, I did not change the rootfs file.
It maybe something missing in my Ubuntu 18.04 computer, as my colleague can flash the same rootfs file into the same development board by using his Ubuntu 18.04 computer.
I can flash the boot file into the board, but not the rootfs file.
what can I do for it?

I too faced the same issue in Ubuntu 18.04, didn’t get solution so moved to Ubuntu 16.04
Any idea on this @danielt

It could be your version of Fastboot. Older versions didn’t support breaking the rootfs file up into smaller pieces and flashing them one at a time. When I flashed my 820c board this week it was sent in 6 chunks from a 410c to the 820c. It took approximately 40 seconds to send each chunk and 7 seconds to copy each one from RAM to Flash.

After moved to Ubuntu 16.04, have you sorted out the issue?

Yeah, didn’t face the issue after moving to Ubuntu 16.04.