External Audio codec support using I2S


Are there any documentation on using external audio codec through I2S on dragonboard? The closest thing I’m able to find is the device tree patch to support HDMI audio using ADV7533 and ./Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/qcom,apq8016-sbc.txt,



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Hi @radiodev

I am sad to admit that the answer to your question is “No”. I do know about this documentation shortcoming, and there is someone looking at it, but it will be a while before the documentation is released.

At this time the best I can suggest is that you look at the patches, the Debian Source code, and the Android source code. It seems you have already found the basic information, and unfortunately it will likely take you a lot of time and effort for you to get anything running.

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@radiodev Can you give some information about what you are trying to do ?

We need to support an external audio codec through I2S for both UL and DL audio stream. Looks like there are two I2S bus available for external audio chip. One of them is already used for HDMI output which we need to change it to support micro phone input. The other one is on the low speed expansion header which we need to enable it in the kernel.