Ethernet in Gigabit mode does not work

Hi Folks,

I am building custom Linux image for Avenger96 board with Buildroot using 5.13 kernel. According to the kernel logs, ethernet adapter is recognized and auto-negotiated 1Gbps speed. However, communication does not work (can not obtain DHCP lease, static IP does not work either). After reducing the speed to 100Mbps using ethtool, everything starts working as expected.

On the page 4 of this document: DOC_Getting-Started-588-100 ( the following is stated:
Ethernet is currently limited to 100 Mbit/s. Note: With image version v1.1, ethernet can be used in Gbit mode.

My question is - does somebody know what exactly has being made in v.1.1 to support Gbit mode?

Thank you,

Hi Andrey,

please have a look at:

Here you will find all necessary info for v1.1 or higher versions.

BR Stefan

Thank you very much Stefan!
I will take a look on it.

Hi Stefan,

Based on what I found in .dt* files from kernel v5.13, I assume that this change (buck3 → 2.5V) is already applied.
Is there anything else need to be done to make Gbit mode work? Maybe you can point me to the corresponding commit in the DH Yocto BSP where support for Gbit mode was add, so I can find myself what was changed?