Ethernet and usb device port doesn't work simultaneously in Eragon 410

Ethernet and usb device port doesn’t work simultaneously in debian 20.02 release dragonboard410c .
If I plugin usb device cable then ethernet doesn’t work, eth0 is not listed in ifconfig, please resolve asap.
If the usb device cable is removed ethernet start working.


Can you offer a bit more detail: DB410C does not have an ethernet port.

Bet you he has one of those “developerboard” knock off’s.

What is noteworthy there is that the ethernet is “10/100” – not 1000. This suggest that its a USB ethernet adapter, which means that since if the device cable is plugged in, all the HOST functionality is disabled, so goes out the ethernet.

I have Eragonboard 410, which has ethernet and it looks that it shares the usb line.
I got information, that only one port can function at a time, with a priority to usb.
I am closing the discussion, as its resolved.


I’ve never heard of Eragonboard. You have a link for this new knockoff?

And for future reference, the ONLY board known to and supported by this forum is the GENUINE ARROW DRAGONBOARD 410C available ONLY from here; – which you will note, does NOT have ethernet.

Arrow-Einfochips, Eragon410:

See block diagram:

Note: Its NOT pcie. The SoC doesn’t have that. Its a USB arrangement as I suspected. You definitely CANNOT get gigabit performance from there despite the spec identifying it as so, since the ethernet is connected to USB 2.0.

On DB410C USB controller switches automatically in device mode when a cable is inserted to micro-usb, disabling USB host functionalities (and so USB ethernet adapter in your case). You can however disable this feature by forcing host role at runtime:

echo host > /sys/devices/platform/soc/78d9000.usb/ci_hdrc.0/role

Or modify the dr_mode property to host in the devicetree:

Eragon 410 isn’t an uncertified 96Boards clone, it is simply a SoM based around the same Snapdragon 410E device that is found in Dragonboard 410C.

It is fine to discuss boards like this on the forum but it is good etiquette to indicate when you start a topic that you are not, in fact, using a 96Boards product.

Thanks Daniel and Loic, I will take care in future.