Error in


I just started building the oe-rpb for the Dragonboard I found that the skales git repository seems to have moved.
The default recipe points to ‘git://’.
I was able to track down the new location at ‘git://’.

I updated the file to point to ‘git://’ and the error seems to have gone away.

Should I submit a bug report or is this normal activity?



thanks for pointing this out. I just checked, and I don’t think it was moved. They seem to have added https transport now (instead of git) but the current one still works for me. Does it work for you as well?

For me, both worked:

git clone git://
git clone

I will try to get more information about this change.

And to answer your question, for issue related to OE RPB, you have a few choices:




i got confirmation that https has now been fully enabled and should now be the recommended access method for However the git:// access will continue to work for some time, so it should still work for you. If you have any issue, please let me know.

And since https is now the recommended method, if you send a pull request for meta-qcom on github, i will merge it :wink: otherwise i will make it myself eventually.


Ok I see, thanks.
My git through the firewall is blocked so I changed the global setting to replace with HTTPS://, that’s why it didn’t work.