Enable USB CAN devce on Hikey


I want to enable USB CAN Device (eg: PEAK CAN Device) on hikey960.

I can modify the kernel and enable Kernel CAN subsystem + PEAK USB CAN Drivers. Kernel identifies my USB Device correctly but ifconfig does not list my CAN device/adapter. However, I need to use linux commands ‘ifconfig’ & ‘ip link’ to configure CAN.

  1. How can I add ‘ip link’ command to the system?
  2. What is missing in ‘ifconfig’ configuration because of which ifconfig does not list can device/adapter?

Any inputs on the above will be of great help.

Thanks & regards, Pj

Is your interface down and listed with ‘ifconfig -a’?

You device should also be listed under /sys/class/net.

You should also have some ‘can’ related messages in dmesg output.

@Loic : In dmesg I can see that the USB-CAN device was found.

‘ifconfig -a’ does not show any device.

How can I get ‘ip link’ utility ?

Please share dmesg and lsusb -t output