Enable GPS Android 6 - DB410




I’m unable to use the GPS on DB410, when I use apps such as GMaps or Waze, they can’t retrieve my current location. I’ve already enabled all configurations to run GPS and I also flashed GApps. How can I enable this function?

Thanks in advance.


My first question for you is where are you getting Android 6 from? Qualcomm supported it only until 5.1 when they completely dropped it, and then MUCH more recently, Linaro has supported it on AOSP master, which would have started at around the equivalent of Android 8.


“My first question for you is where are you getting Android 6 from?”


I’d suggest that you try this;

It won’t have GPS working immediately when you start it, BUT, there is a patch here;

which along with some other work that I’ve been contributing to GPSd, should be able to get you a working GPS.

Note that I have not yet submitted the GNSS HAL to upstream GPSd, however I anticipate having it ready by early next week.

I also suggest that you would to better using a less invasive gps program than navigation software for testing functionality. This would be a much better choice; https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.android.gpstest.osmdroid/

And finally, I hope you realize that the gps antenna on the db410c is absolutely terrible. If you want it to maybe work, you will need to try the following setup:

  1. outdoors in a wide open field without any trees or buildings anywhere in sight,
  2. clear sky without clouds,
  3. at night when there is less solar radiation interfering with it,
  4. stand on one foot and hop.


Thanks @doitright I’ll test these steps that you’ve described and return the results here later.


@doitright I think you forgot step 5. Sacrifice an appropriate animal based on which constellation the satellite you are attempting to track is currently in. :wink:

@Luiz FYI - There is an app note and a forum discussion on adding an active external antenna to the DragonBoard. An active external antenna will improve reception.


But it works without an external antenna? Even if return wrong coordinates or have a delay to retrieve location?


The PCB antenna is weak and works only in ideal conditions (e.g. outdoors, away from buildings). I have never managed to get a fix on my DB410C internal antenna even when it is located on my window sill.


GPS won’t return “wrong coordinates”. It will only return coordinates once it has enough data to actually calculate them correctly within a certain margin for error (few hundred feet worst case). It can return SV’s (SV is for “Space Vehicle”) without calculating coordinates. Use of the software I suggested above will allow you to see the SV data.

FYI, I’ve got the GNSS HAL accepted now to upstream GPSd. You can checkout their master branch, there is an android/ directory with a readme in it explaining how to build AOSP with it.

But be aware that it WILL NOT work with Android 5/6 – requires a minimum of a release branch of Android 9, although I’ve only tested it on master.

It should work out of the box with just about any external GPS, on USB or UART, and can even interface with a GPSd server running on a different machine accessible on the network. You can get UBlox or quasi-knockoff receivers WITH CERAMIC ANTENNA for <$20 on Amazon. I’d suggest getting at least a UBlox 8, since they can use multiple constellations (I.e., GPS, Glonass, Galileo) simultaneously, 7 and under can receive from multiple constellations, but only one at a time.

A note about so-called “knockoff” or “fake” UBlox receivers that you may have heard about; it isn’t that there isn’t any UBlox hardware in them, its that the devices are claiming to be some specific UBlox module, like a NEO-M8N, yet the module only contains the genuine UBlox M8030 chip (which is also in the genuine module), with the rest of the module being a copy of a genuine NEO-M8N. The fake modules can have various deficiencies, like relatively poor reception, or being impossible to update to the latest firmware. If it says “UBlox 8 engine” or something to that effect, its being honest. If it says “UBlox NEO-M8N”, then it could be real or could be fake.

And one last thing to remember, if you want to try this with the qualcomm gps, you will need that PDS patch, which may not apply cleanly to the latest GPSd.