eMMC 4.5 vs eMMC 5.0



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The Snapdragon 410 has support for eMMC 4.5 storage, but, nowadays in most sellers catallogues eMMC 4.5 is obsolete and it’s out of stock and will no longer be manufactured. Instead, eMMC 5.0 is available from all manufacturers and all distributors (Mouser, Farnell, RS, .
Can I develop a board with the Snapdragon 410 and a eMMC 5.0?

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Hi @andribiotic

eMMC 5.0 is a superset of eMMC 4.5. An eMMC 5.0 part should work, but I haven;'t tested it. You won’t be able to access some of the eMMC 5.0 new features such as HS-400 mode. The new DS signal can be left not connected since this is only used in HS-400 mode.

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Thank you @ljking for your response. I’ll read the documentation from JEDEC about eMMC 5 to be sure.



Any news about this?

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Hi @andribiotic, have you tried eMMC 5.0? If so, what brand and part number you have use and tested.