Eclipse cannot execute binary file exec format error

I have installed eclipse 64 bit in my dragonboard 410C, but cannot run it. I have downloaded the file from the official page.

Is your 410c running a 64 bit os? Did you install the correct architecture (armv8)? Have you considered installing it from repository? Have you considered that db410c does not have enough ram to run something as bloated as eclipse?

I have 64 bits OS.
I followed the steps of this link to install OS:

I downloaded the eclipse installation file from:

The installation steps are shown on the DragonBoard Linux User Guide. I just unzipped the file and run the ./eclipse command, but when I run it, it generates the error that I mentioned at startup. I am starting to use my DragonBoard, I hope you can help me.

Wrong architecture. Won’t work.

But please do yourself a favor and don’t waste any more time. Eclipse is too bloated to run on db410c.

What IDE can you recommend me?

How about a text editor like vi, emacs, etc.?

Db410c isn’t exactly a workstation. If you want to use a bloated ide, you should use something with a little more power, like a laptop.

And in fact, the normal approach is to use a laptop or other form of x86 workstation to write and cross compile software to run on a db410c or other similar SBC.