DTB offset is incorrect

Hi, I have successfully flashed a DART SD410 by Variscite with the 21.12 images, provided here:

When boot the board, I have what seems a fully functional operating environment. That works well, now on to my problem…

I have built the 21.12 kernel from source, following the steps (checked and double-checked for correctness as far as I can determine) in the same link above. I have not customized the kernel at all, just built it from source as-is. However, when I attempt to fastboot-boot the kernel I built, fastboot errors with, “DTB offset is incorrect, kernel image does not have appended DTB.” When I fastboot-flash the boot partition, I can boot into the operating system, but not all seems right. For example, I can’t access the wifi chip. Also, the bootloader outputs an error message that its misaligned. I am concatenating the image and .dtb files, so I’m not omitting that. I’m running out of guesses about what I’m doing wrong in building the kernel. Can anyone offer any insight?

For full disclosure, I’m running an SD410 board built by Variscite. Linaro OS’s are supposed to run on this platform just fine, and I think I’ve confirmed that with the pre-built images. For all practical purposes, I think anyone replying can reply as though I was doing this on a Dragonboard 410c.

Thank you,

Not sure, because it uses a different bootloader (emmc_appsboot), that could be different on your board, and that does not support simple dtb append. so you may need to use the ‘old’ way to generate the bootimage/dtb (with skale) as described in older release notes: Linaro Releases, (or alternatively, update aboot image, but not entirerly sure it is compatible with your board).