DSI LCD panel on hikey960


I’ve modified nte300nts video mode panel driver(panel-hikey960-nte300nts.c) to drive my panel. I’ve changed init mipi command, drm display mode, and the prepare and attach function to light on the panel. Everything looks fine and stable except for the image is somehow skewed like this.
Does anyone have idea about why this happened and how to fix it.


thank @alanlissl and the post Customized HDMI display resolution and timing there’s
a byte-alignment issue in the drm.
after i change the drm_display_mode.vdisplay=1088, it works with out any problem now.


What panel are you using? I am looking for some lcd panel compatible with hikey960


In fact, I don’t know what exact panel it is. But I did have a datasheet indicating its power on sequence. Its VDD usage, GPIO signals, and initialization MIPI-DSI commands are completely different than the default “nte300nts” panel. I modified 4 files in the AOSP kernel including panel driver, regulator driver, and device tree. I also reconfigured the kernel to make sure the proper drivers were loaded.
In that case, if you are looking for something you can plug and play, I don’t think my panel is a good choice for you. I guess the default driver is for this “official” panel: http://www.lenovator.com/product/102.html So maybe you can have a try. If you have other panels and want to port the driver, you had better find a proper interface board (or make one if possible) and get the power on sequence of the panel first. Then you can try to figure out what to do with the driver.
Hope this information is helpful.


hey Zac,
sorry to bother you.
can you please tell me what did you use to connect your hikey to th DSI LCD .


He’s likely either made his own, or used the (discontinued) lemaker adapter board.