DragonBoard410c Without any ports?

Hi all, I am new here, please mind my newbie question.
I want to order a DragonBoard410c for a personal project, but I don’t want it to have all the ports it has. That’s because I want it to be part of a slim enclosure with soldered power input and nothing else. Having ports will take so much space and it would not be a “clean” setup.

  • Does a board like that exist?
  • If yes, how can I flash an image on it if it doesn’t have inputs / outputs? How do manufacturers do it on the everyday devices we buy?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @xellos

The Dragonboard comes with the ports it has, you could unsolder anything you are not using, but it won’t make the board much smaller (it is only credit card sized to start with).

If you want a 3D case that fits like a glove, I published one on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692217 With the case the total package is only 87x57x13.3mm

There are smaller System on a Module (SOM) versions from some of the other companies, but these are intended for you to put on your own custom designed carrier card.

As to how ‘everyday things’ are programmed, usually in mass manufacturer the flash memory is programmed with the final software before the parts are soldered onto the board. The programming is done in an automated handler that does dozens of chips per second, and the automated handler is more expensive than a house.

Agree with @ljking.

I would also suggest to look at this derivative board: https://www.96boards.org/product/4iot/
Which is an I96boards IOT edition, reduced size, and you can even easily unsolder the remaining LS connector if necessary. AFAIR, you can use db410c software on it.