Dragonboard410c H264 encoedr input format



I would like to confirm that the H264 encoder input format is only YUV 4:2:0 (NV12) (or another ?).
I deduce the encoder accepts only this format after some tests with gst-launch, after testing this code and after @ldts 's reply here.
Also because I cannot find a datasheet for the encoder.

Is it possible that if if the encoder is being fed with another input format this will not work at all ?

Could you please ensure this info and (if possible) links to the data-sheet of the H264 encoder so I can read detailed informations ?
Thank you in advance.


the only valid input format is NV12, indeed. It won’t take RGB, and it won’t take any other YUV format (UYUV, …)

there is no (public) data sheet available for the H264 encoder from Qualcomm.