[DragonBoard410c]Debian kernel driver path


Can someone help to list the driver file path about dragonboard 410C?
Want to read the source code of the kernel driver but difficult to find the real file path.



I am not sure I understand your question. There is no such thing as “driver
for dragonboard 410c”. The Linux kernel is made of many pieces , including
device drivers and core framework. There are a lot of drivers used when you
boot Linux kernel on DB410c. In the release notes there is a link to the
kernel version/commit that we are using, and that will give you the entire
Linux source code. There is nothing ‘smaller’ than that. You can start from
the device tree which is specific to DB410c and go from device to device if
you want to list all drivers… Alternatively, it would be simpler if you
could ask more specific questions , then we will try to answer them.


Hi ndec,

Thanks for your reply.

Got that. I just want to know the specific driver file of dragonboard inside the kernel source such as it’s wifi/gps/sdio…

It seems that I can just search therm among the whole kernel source…