Dragonboard won´t enter into sd boot


The other day I was playing with the GPIO of the dragonboard and suddenly it enters in a bricked state. Because of that, I try to reflash using the SD method from eMMC, but the board is not entering in sd boot, (displaying the window of install image linaro). I do have set S6 switch to 0-1-0-0. I have followed every step in https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard410c/installation/windows-sd.md.html

It just turned the BT led on for around half of a second when connected to the power supply, and then stays dead.

thank you for the help.

I’ve shared a link to the board recovery document below.

However SD install is the recommended mechanism for board recovery so if it is not working it is possible you board has been damaged. If you are paranoid is can be worth re-downloading and re-writing the SD card (ideally with a physically different SD card) but this is a very long shot (the lights on the board only start flashing of the SD card is correctly authored).

Other techniques to look for signs of life are connecting to LS-UART1 (requires a special adapter) or attempting deeper recovery such as using QDL. In particular if you have a board with SW6-1 set for USB-boot and nothing connected to the board except for the micro-USB (linked to your PC) and power then you should see it enumerate as a USB device with your PC when you apply power. If it doesn’t do this then I’m afraid the board it is almost certainly broken.

Hi danielt!,

thank you for responding, I have written two differrent SD cards and still the same, I tried setting on SW6-1 (USB-boot) and nothing happened. But what it is interesting is that when I set the SW6-2 on (SD-boot) with the micro sd connected when a power the board the BT blue led flashes for half a second. Which doesnt appear when I did the usb-boot part.

I hope this is a sign, can you please tell me what else can I do? I am not familiar with QDL but should I give it a try?

“Nothing happened” is always a difficult description for me to work with because different people tend mean different things (some mean no HDMI, some no LEDS, others no UART or USB activity).

However if the board is in USB boot mode and the micro-USB is connected to a PC then a working board will enumerate with the OS (although there may not be drivers so its worth looking in the dmesg trace or hardware manager to check the device exists).

A board that does not enumerate is likely to be physically damaged and I’m afraid there are no easy options for remote diagnosis there.