DragonBoard support boot format


As I wrote before 2 weeks, I am planning to bring Zephyr to DragonBoard 410c.

I saw that when I compile Zephyr application I get .elf file
as I know dragonboard support .img files.
Do Dragonboard support .elf boot ? Is there any converter ? how can I figure it out ?


The best I can offer you is a “human assisted google search” (in other words I’m just using google and a little intelligent filtering).

Anyhow, this blog describes pretty much exactly what you want: http://valtrix.in/programming/dragonboard-boot


interesting link… I didn’t know about it. However it’s an expensive boot process… LK -> uboot -> ELF file…

LK is all open source software, and anyone can recompile/replace it (and it’s ELF too), so for baremetal it should be entirely possible to skip LK and uboot all together. I don’t think it’s been done yet, but there is no proprietary/closed pieces involved to do it.


Do you have a link ?
I don’t find LK :frowning:


in our Debian/Linux release notes, you will find information about LK, and how to rebuild:



I got the LK but I didn’t success to make elf to img.

I don’t understand what do you mean at "LK -> uboot -> ELF file."
where is this uboot ?

please give me some more details.


the link above from @danielt has all the instructions to load a bare metal from uboot. This is what I was referring to as LK -> Uboot -> bare metal ELF.