Dragonboard not getting turned ON first time itself



I have purchased the dragonboard 410C.
I connected the power supply, pressed the switch.
The board is not powering up.
Kindly provide support.


Hello @Nutan_Ghatge,
Before entering in procedures, sorry to ask these basics:
What power supply do you use?
Is the plug correct? It must be 4.75 mm outer diameter with 1.7mm center pin (EIAJ-3 Compliant)
Do you have a video attached to the board?
Note: It is not necessary to press any switch to power on the dragonboard, just plug it.



Thank you for your reply.
The power supply plug was not getting connected properly,
I used extension box and it worked :slight_smile:


Hello @Nutan_Ghatge,
I bet it was.
Lots of problems are related to the incorrect power supply plug… :slight_smile:

Have fun.