Dragonboard not booting up with only Bluetooth LED turned ON


I was trying to boot up the dragonboard 410c but only bluetooth/ wifi led turns On while the User LED is not turned ON. The processor gets heated up. There is no display on the HDMI nor the device is getting detected by the computer using the micro usb port. Is the board damaged? How do i confirm that? Any solutions to this problem would be helpful.

Hi @soumil,

It looks like your Dragonboard 410c is booting, but probably just not able to show the screen on the HDMI display, since it is heating up and the bluetooth/ wifi LED is blinking.
The user LED do not turn on for booting.

The Debian has a better chance to show up on more HDMI displays than Android image which is installed by default.

Would you like to try installing Debian?



Or tying USB-serial console.
Getting started with serial console on Dragonboard 410c

I am also facing the same problem.how can i recover my dragonboard410c.Please any suggestion is helpful.

Hi @Soumil and @Trupti, are u able to solve your issue… I’m also facing same problem… In my case the bluetooth led is constantly ON… looks like the board is bricked …

No it seems like the board is bricked. I don’t see a solution to this problem now

hello @ldts-atsuka @discobot @soumil @trupti @Rajeev i am also facing the same problem both leds remained on and no user led is glowing and no display is showing ? please help me if your problem is resolved ?I am having android os in that please help ?

hello @ldts-atsuka as you said it will work for debian but if it is not showing screen for android will it work for debian ?

Android and Debian use entirely different graphics stacks. The Debian one has support for a wider range of monitors so whilst we don’t know your display will work in Debian we do know of lots of monitors that do work in Debian and that do not in Android.

You might also want to take a look at the following post. This workaround is not guaranteed to solve anything (even with the workaround there are several monitors that Android does not support) but if your monitor supports HDMI/1920x1080p60 then you could try this:

hello @danielt why we have to use recovery image as told by you earlier as my dragonboard 410c is not booting up as when i turned power on the wi-fi and bluetooth led’s constantly glows and nothing shows on display ?if it is not showing anything then how can it be restored back (procedure) ? Is it destroyed ? As i had tried a lot but nothing works ? please tell me the reason and solution …

thanks in advance

Sorry @ren_snappy but I’m really confused. In the last three hours you’ve posted that:

  • your board doesn’t boot
  • you cannot get the display working
  • when you boot debian you cannot find any bluetooth icon on the
  • that you are running android and cannot get adb to work
  • that you are have trouble following the board recovery instructions
  • that you can’t get audio to work in yocto/openembedded
  • that you can’t get GPS to work in debian
  • that you have hooked up a DHT11 but don’t know how to talk to it

I’m afraid this is simply too much for me to comprehend and your observations are spread across lots of fairly old forum topics which makes it difficult to connect the dots.

I think it is best that, for the next few days, you simply avoid replying to any existing topics. Instead please start a new topic carefully describing the symptoms your observe and we will try to help.

Hey guys @96boards

Clearly there are bunch of guys have the same problem, so am i, as the dragonboard is NOT booting and with only Bluetooth and Wifi LED turns on all the time.
Could you guys please help us locate the issue? like, what does it means that those two LEDs light up?


To some extent it depends what OS you have loaded… the two LEDs are under kernel control so it depends what the kernel has been told to do with them. One thing is certain though. When they light up it means the device has booted (at least partially).

I’d recommend trying to re-install. I would strongly recommend you look at SD Card Method - Install and boot from eMMC: