Dragonboard MIPI-CSI with virtual channel


1.If we use dual-camera on Dragonboard 410c, can we use MIPI-CSI 4Lane with virtual channel?
2.Can we use color-sensor + mono-sensor at the same time?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Stuart,

Support for MIPI-CSI is still in progress. Please see below thread for previous discussion:



How is this going on?


After searching for something to try while the drivers become available and enabled for the Dragonboard 410c I was able to find the following temporary alternative.

Use (at $5)Raspberry Pi zero Ver 1.3 with the Sony imx219 8MP sensor module and transfer the data over the LAN/WLAN to the DragonBoard 410c and do the processing on the DragonBoard.

While this is not an optimal solution for integration purpose, the Pi zero and the camera are small enough that it can just be integrated as part of the project. The Pi camera module is only 3 grams and the Pi zero is only 8 grams. Yes it does not have integrated wifi or a quad core processor and only 2 lane MIPI-CSI, but the video encoding is done on the GPU. After several tests I found the performance to be satisfactory for what I am doing.

I am as well, looking forward to being able to do things like stereoscopic image/video processing once the image sensor drivers become available for the DragonBoard 410. In the mean time the alternative above works pretty well.