Dragonboard Feature support (dvfs, ISP etc) support


Hi, May be this part is already discussed but I couldn’t find the answer.

Does current Linaro support dvfs for the the quad-core? Whats the expected maximum allowable speed for the cores?

Is the Camera ISP supported with the latest Linaro build?

Is it easily possible to offload processing to DSP and/or GPU from CPU? Is there any example project related to these? If possible example project for both DSP and GPU, please.

Does current Linaro support this board,

Which camera drivers are included?

Thank you for your time and support.



  • DVFS is supported if you are using the Linaro releases (e.g. the custom kernel maintained by the Linaro developers).
  • Camera ISP is not supported, and there is no plan to add support for it at this point. There is enough support to grab frames from sensors using MIPI CSI, however there is no support for ISP.
  • for the GPU , there is support for OpenGL/GLES, using the open source mesa projet (freedreno). We don’t have support for OpenCL on the GPU (and no clear plan/estimate yet).
  • for the DSP, Qualcomm provides what they call ‘the hexagon SDK’ which allows an application to load library onto the DSP and use it to offload processing. However the hexagon SDK is not fully integrated into our releases yet. This is work in progress on our side , and no clear ETA yet.
  • the MIPI adapter should work on the DB410c. You might need to tweak the DTS.



Hi Nic,

Thank you for your prompt answers.