DragonBoard 845c RB3, No wifi with AOSP Android-13

I built AOSP for my QC-RB3 DragonBoard 845c with branch android-13.0.0_r6.
Flashing success
Boot success.
But I cannot have Internet by Wifi: Settings said after scanning Networks unvailable

I reflashed board with http://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard845c/linaro/aosp-master/1137.
Same behaviour.

Some ideas


Few patches to enable wifi on dragon board seems to be missing in Android13 release in the AOSP builds. Here are the patches to be used for enabling wifi

Hello @Didier_Leymarie

How did you compile AOSP ? Did you install bootloader first ?
Could you please give some details about flashing ?

I worked on this last year now I switched on another subject.
I compiled AOSP and I flashed it as explained in Linaro web pages.
System run sucessfully with Wifi OK after applying patches explained above.

Hello @Didier_Leymarie

I am trying to install pre-compiled aosp 13 images. but db845c did not boot. Could you please look this topic : Androdi 13 does not boot with rb3. Maybe you can give an advice ?


wifi, one of the usb 3.0, ethernet adapter do not work, I installed the latest compiled build of aosp 1493 linaro aosp. what do you need to make it work? maybe I can install the old build? Without detailed instructions, it will be difficult for me to compile the assembly from sources. but if there are educational articles, I will be glad to study them.

After disconnect camera - wifi started working. 1493 build.