DragonBoard 845c RB3: AOSP Android-13 not usable!


I try AOSP with branch android-13.0.0_r6 and GKI with branch common-android13-5.15-lts.
I compiled AOSP and GKI kernel and flashed results using AOSP/db845c - Linaro Wiki.

System reboots in an infinite loop !!!
It is a similar issue than DragonBoard RB3 - stuck in never ending boot loop - #2 by Loic (Feb 9th).

I tried also the prebuits binaries Linaro Snapshots

System boots but some features are missing:
-wlan: no Wifi network interface available
-lan: no Ethernet network interface available
-sound: no ALSA soundcards

We can not use board in this state!!

AOSP android-13.0.0_r6 could be considered as non working!
AOSP master (prebuilt binaries) could be considered as non working!

Is there an AOSP working fully on this board ?


Hello, could you find a solution about Android-13 ?