DragonBoard 820c MIPI-CSI camera


MIPI-CSI support for camera modules.

For DragonBoard 820c to be a development and marketing platform support and documentation for 20 megapixel camera modules, needs to sufficient to enable users and vendors to create camera daughter/interposer boards.

Without MIPI-CSI examples, documentation and paid support when required the DragonBoard 820c cannot be used for developing anything related to robotics, Image processing, drones, etc.

MIPI-CSI support and including Linux drivers and full camera example such as imx230 or other 20 megapixel image sensor are priority for robotics, drones or any other image processing application.


I think it is the same story for 820c as it is for 410c, and the most lucid recent discussion is here. In summary the 4A system is a Qualcomm trade secret so only cameras with built in ISP are supported out-of-the-box. Only partner companies with access to the relevant Qualcomm tools can meaningfully enable raw cameras with a focusing system (paid support should be available from these partner companies). Generally this means contacting your Arrow rep since Arrow are both the vendors of the 820C boards and the supplier of 820E SoCs.