DragonBoard 410c

When will Windows 10 be supported?

Have you received your board? It should be able to boot Windows 10 right out of the box. Are you looking for something else more specific like images, software update instructions and/or things of that nature?

One of our Customers wants to buy a DragonBoard410c if it supports Win 10 now.
I’ve heard that 200pcs of DragonBoard410c are now under production test for sale on E-commerce.
Not be able to buy it yet.

Have you tried ordering here?

There’s a bit of a lead time though (est. 3 weeks).

Win 10 support is still in the ‘planned’ stage but it has been demoed at conferences, so if you’re planning to buy multiple boards, you might want to just get one first and make sure it’s running to your satisfaction.

Thanks, but the lead time is 3 weeks.
I will be getting a couple of DB410c boards from other source, but where can I download Windowa 10 including drivers?

You’re welcome. As support is still in the planned stage, downloads are still not available at the moment.

Currently 15.7 release didn’t included OpenCV and OpenCL libs, where we can get prebuild libs for dragonboard-410c

@shrasr What you’re asking is unrelated to this thread so please create a separate/new topic for it.