Dragonboard 410c weird I2C2/CCI behavior - 17.04/21.12


I am trying to operate the OV5645/OV5640 on the dragonboard 410c evaluation kit -
OV5640 Camera Board (C) - Waveshare Wiki.

I made an adapter between the camera pinout and the HSI port on the kit, initially, I tried running it using the D3 instructions provided for the camera mezzanine but couldn’t get any signal running.

Moved to try to test the I2C2 bus on the newer kernel using standard I2C, and tried to scan the devices using i2cdetect, both signals measured on the oscilloscope somehow look like CLK (cables were obviously tested for short-circuit in between).

i2cdetect works properly on the LSI buses and succeeds in operating and scanning external I2C sensors.

Did anyone try to work with OV5640 directly? operate the HSI as a standard I2C bus?