DragonBoard 410C support for off the shelf HDMI to VGA converters

Does the DragonBoard 410C support standard off the shelf HDMI to VGA converters. I don’t see it working with the cable I have on the default Android installation that came with the device. Cable was connected before power up. The device UI does come up on PC when using Vysor app though.

I’m a newbie to board development and just received my 410C.
Do I need a special monitor, or can I use my PC monitor?
Where online can I purchase the right HDMI cable (please share link)?

Hi Itayshev, there is a Chrome app called Visor that can temporarily solve your issue, this routes the DragonBoards display through USB to your PC, kinda like VNC assuming you have the default Android installation. As of now, the one HDMI to VGA converter I tried didn’t work. Hoping to see this change soon. The Vysor app works fine for now but the refresh rate is not the best.

I’ve actually been able to successfully use a HDMI to DVI adapter–would that work for you? It was a $10 from Amazon:

I haven’t been able to find an HDMI to VGA adapter that would work, but I’ve only tried one, and a very old one at that. Hopefully DVI will suffice!

Hey Kartik, Just got my dragonboard410c ,
i tried to use vysor app but its encounering some unknown error and asks to reload vysor.
Don`t you need to enable usb debugging and stuff to use vysor.
If you know any way to get started with Board for the first time plearese tell,

How did other people worked with board for first time without HDMI??

P.S: Dont have HDMI monitor and Theres android by default to VGA to HDMI is also not working.

"some unknown error " is too vague to resolve the issue. Could you please share a screenshot or any other useful piece of information. Maybe I can help.



Errors and how did you started your board for the first time?

Img 1


Images are not shown above so here`s link to error encountered