Dragonboard-410c-sdcard-installer-buster only cli

I’ve been testing the releases of DragonBoard410c on GeniaTech 4Iot, and they seem to work.

However, now I want to try to install buster using the method SD Card Method - Install and boot from eMMC described here

However, yhr 4Iot does not have video output, only console througu UART.

Is there a way to run the installation process only using cli (the one UART provides)?

Thank you

From the install instructions…

Select the image to install and click “Install” (or type “i”). OS will be installed into the eMMC memory

I wonder if you could just use the keyboard (not console) to select the image (using arrow keys) and then press “i” to install? It might be helpful to try the process on a real db410c so you can see how it responds to the keyboard.

Can you check that both SDCARD and eMMC can both work concurrently (using apq8016SDC1 and SDC2), on my version SDCARD pins are not connected… (to be checked on schematics). So the fastboot method is probably the best one.

FYI, you can find below a devicetree customized for the db4iot (though you should indeed be able to boot with the dragonboard-410c one):

That was a good idea,
However, even if I plug a keyboard and try to run the installer blindly, the window manager process fails to load, so there would be effect.

Thank you for your answer.

Thank you Loic, I guess the wisest way to go will be to the have the customized db4iot built. But I’m kind of newbie in building my own image.

Is there a link or a doc where I can follow some directions to have my own OS built? or what would be your advice?

Thanks again

The release note specify ‘How to get and customize the kernel source code’ that you can follow to rebuild kernel/dtb and regenerate a boot image.