DragonBoard 410c: Linux Bootloader


The latest Qualcomm developer network mentions, and has a download link.

DragonBoard 410c: Linux Bootloader and Firmware 1030.4 +PSCI
Highlights: New software for DragonBoard 410c

But what is this and what changes from previous releases?



yes, this is correct. it is still not 100% clear how the firmware will be managed in the future. For now, I recommend to ignore that, and stick to what we use in our releases. I am discussing the new drop (and how firmware will be managed in the future in parallel).

and for the record, QC is doing their own Linux releases now , which is a ‘downstream’ of the Linaro OE releases. This specific bootloader package is what they use in their release. So it’s definitely not something borked. But there are a few details to cleanup so that we can fully align.