DragonBoard-410c ISP support query in LE And Android releases


Hi Folks,

I am working on DragonBoard-410C for camera,
I wanted to know about the ISP in Android as well as in LE release in a bit detail(.!?)

Hardware manual in section 1 Introduction says
Camera Support - Integrated ISP with support for image sensors up to 13MP
OS-support -Android 5.1 ,Linux based on Debian ,Windows 10 IoT core.

So from above is ISP support is supported in above mentioned OSes- releases ?
If not , then do we have any LE release with above camera ISP hardware supported enabled ?

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For the Debian releases the ISP is more or less in bypass mode which is why it requires cameras with built-in ISP. This is not quite the same for Android… but the pre-enabled cameras are obsolete and will be difficult or impossible to purchase.

It is possible to enable the ISP in both OSes but you would have to work with someone who can sub-license the proprietary Qualcomm code needed to make it work: