Dragonboard 410c is dead


I am using Dragonboard 410c as a part of a robot. Which is powered via a 12v battery which sits on the robot chassis. It was working well for almost a week. To power it off I disconnect positive pin to the battery, let the negative pin connected to battery as it is, I even by mistake can’t connect pins to the battery in wrong way.
Today I powered on the robot/DB 410c by connecting positive pin to the positive pin of the battery. I didn’t see any LEDs blinking (user leds, wifi and bluetooth leds are not blinking or on). I connected DB 410c to HDMI monitor, monitor didn’t receive any signal (at this point of time DB 410c was powered via 12v ac adapter). Waited for almost 30 mins no activity at all.
It is running latest android image. Is there any thing can be done now ?


Under Android it normally takes a little over 1 minute to boot, but if it needs to recompile all the apps, it can take just over 3 minutes. I have never seen it taking longer than that, so 30 minutes should be lots of time for it to boot, if it is going to boot.

The first thing to do is figure out if the board is dead, or if it is simply the Android image corrupted.

  • The no blinking lights is a bad sign, but not necessarily fatal. Does the Blue LED flash as you turn on power?
  • Can you connect a serial port to UART0 on the Low speed connection? There should be console messages as you boot.
  • Another thing to try is to power-up while holding the VOL- button, this should take your board to fastboot mode and when you run “fastboot devices” on the micro-USB port it should enumerate.
  • Final thing to try is flipping the SDCard boot switch and booting the OS loader from a SDCard, it should come up.

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