DragonBoard 410c GPIO 40pin header is PIN-compatible with the Raspberry?



The Raspberry family of cards such as NanoPi M3 and Pine64, all have the same single compatible format for GPIO:s within its 40-pin header.

The DragonBoard 410C and also the “INFORCE 6410PLUS” (which is the only card delivering the SnapDragon 600 that I’m aware of) also have 40-pin headers.

What is the digital GPIO mapping on these, are they “RaspBerry Pi compatible” also??

Any reference to your header-to-GPIO pin mapping scheme would be appreciated.

Also in all cases does the DragonBoard 410C and also the “INFORCE 6410PLUS” have the same GPIO header PIN mapping?

(Also, where can I read about what Mhz update frequency the SnapDragon will deliver for the GPIO pins, and how to do GPIO input/output in low-level C programming, e.g. what the memory mappings to the GPIO registers are?)

Kindly let me know, thanks!



the DB410c is compatible with the 96boards specs. So the pin mapping on the DB410c is the same as with any 96boards. The IFC6410 is not compatible with 96boards specs [1], so it has a different pin mapping (you need to check the IFC6410 manual/documentation).

There are a lot of boards that are using the Snapdragon 600 from eInfochips, Variscite, Intrynsics, Compulab, … There is 1 of these boards which is compatible with 96boards, by the way, the SD600 eval board from eInfochips ([2])

[1] http://www.96boards.org/ce-specification
[2] https://eragon.einfochips.com/products/single-board-computers/sd-600eval.html