Dragonboard 410C compliance

Good Morning
Could you please send me information regarding the compliance of Dragon board 410C with the regulations of Medical devices ?.
On the other hand, we would need to know the availability of the aforementioned article since we would like to perform performance tests on our equipment.
Waiting for your news, welcome back.

You should contact the vendor: https://www.arrow.com/en/products/dragonboard410c/arrow-development-tools

The DragonBoard 410c (and 820c) was never designed for use in medical equipment. Unless something has changed, which is unlikely, it has no certifications of any kind for use in medical devices.

It is a good tool for prototyping your design, but is is not intended for inclusion in any final product. If you want a medically certified board you will need to work with the various SOM vendors and see if they are willing to do this work for you.

Certification of any kind will likely be expensive…