Dragonboard 410 display support


Does Dragonboard 410 support ILI9881C display? And if it supported, how can i configure board.


It is probably supportable (I think the hardware would be expected to work together) but is not supported, you would need to enable it yourself. Which OS are you using on the DB410C?


I can confirm it will work because I did all the work involved. Basically you have to build an adapter PCB for the display you are planning to use and follow the display porting guide for DB410C. I can help resolve issues but can’t just hand over all code and PCB designs.


I planned to use Ubuntu Core. But i’m newbie and open to any advice.


Thanks for reply. Are you talking about this porting guide https://developer.qualcomm.com/qfile/28816/lm80-p0436-4_dsi_display_porting_guide.pdf ? It describes how to port the Linux Android display drive, however i planned to use Linux. I’m sorry, I am a beginner, but I really want to explore the world of embedded Linux.


Yes that’s the guide I mean. There’s actually another (rough) guide on how to apply the same principles used in that guide on mainline or upstream Linux or whatever the correct terminologie is. I actually used it to port my ILI9881C driver for Codeaurora to AOSP, to use it on HiKey960. But I never ran another distro on it.


Thanks a lot. I will read.


What can you say about this driver? Can i use it with some light modifications?


Looks fine to me! Unfortunately I had to figure the whole thing out from scratch a few months before this was first commited. You may have to adjust a bit for the exact panel you want to use, but this saves you a lot of time.


IMHO it is the very best place to start. The huge gulf of difference between tweaking panel-ilitek-ili9881.c (and the devicetree to configure it) and following the Android guides from Qualcomm is why I asked which OS you wanted to run rather than jumping into a long reply.


One thing that is still very useful from the Qualcomm guide is the DSI timing spreadsheet. It allows you to get the right timing byte code values for the exact panel you are using, based on timing values found in the panel datasheet.