Dragon Board 410C Tutorials


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This topic is destinated as a location where we can post tutorials made for Dragon Board 410C.


  1. Thermal Management (in progress)


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I have been working on a tutorial for 410c as a embedded Linux development kit.


Any comments/suggestions are welcome.


Tutorial to use out-of-tree drivers provided by realtek for USB WiFi which uses RTL8192CU / RTL8188CU chipset which have advantage of less power consumption and when you want to use it in access point mode.



hey guys, what are the sensors available for the dragonboard 410c?

Is the 96boards sensors the only way to connect to sensors ? And, what is the best grove modules i can use?

please, let me know.


There are several types of sensors you can use and at least 2 different mezzanine boards that can help with sensors.

First you can use any 1.8v sensor directly with no level shifter needed. There are many sold by DigiKey Electronics, Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits, Seeed Studio and others. You do need to be careful to only buy 1.8v sensors as 3.3v and 5v sensors won’t work directly attached to a 96Board.

The next choice is to use a mezzanine board with voltage level shifters on it. Right now the two that are prevalent are: <a href=https://www.seeedstudio.com/96Boards-Sensors-p-2617.html">96Boards Sensor from Seeed Studios, and the Link Sprite board from Arrow Electronics - 96BOARDS-STARTER-KIT

Both of those boards have level shifters from 1.8V to 3.3V and 5V so you can use a wider range of sensors. Sensors can connect to the GPIO pins, to the I2C bus and to the SPI bus on the 96Boards or level shifted on the mezzanine boards.

Hope that helps.