Dragon Board 410C + Hexagon DSP SDK Sample calculator examples validation

Hi All,

We downloaded the Hexagon SDK 2.0 for the Dragon Board 410c with Android BSP 5.1.1.
Tried to execute the calculator sample, failed on the aDSP core below are the error logs for the reference.

Kindly review and provide the inputs to solve this error to execute the sample calculator on Hexagon aDSP Core.

shell@msm8916_64:/data # ./custom_calculator 0 1 1
starting custom_calculator test
adspmsgd not supported
allocate 4 bytes from ION heap
creating sequence of numbers from 0 to 0
compute sum on the aDSP
Error: compute on aDSP failed

usage: ./custom_calculator <1/0 run locally> <1/0 logcat>