DragobBoard 410c Wifi access Point


HI all,
I would like to create a wifi access point with DragonBoard 410C. How many maximum number of clients can be connected to the wifi access point?

Thanks in advance


You should be able to connect up to 7 stations/clients.


Hi Loic, thanks for your answer. I have the same question as above but could you please explain What is the reason that only 7 clients can connect to the 410c AP? Is this limit due to the wcn driver running on 410c or a limitation of the wifi chipset or any other reason ?
How can the number of clients be extended? For example if an external USB WiFi adapter is used, would the 410c be then capable of hosting more clients?


It looks like a chipset/firmware limitation (chipset memory to store the associated station is limited).
But, I read in one of the downstream drivers that this limitation only applies on pronto v1 hardware and not on v2 (which can have up to 32 stations). AFAIK db410c has pronto v2.

Yes, dongle needs to support AP mode.


I used a Realtek USB dongle (RTL8822bu chipset) through the USB port of the 410c, and the throughput that I got was circa 2.5Mbps for both Download and Upload. Is there a different configuration, mode, channel, frequency setting etc that you could suggest that would improve this performance? Or is 2.5Mbps throughput that best to be expected from the 410c AP?

Could someone please suggest perhaps a different 96Boards design with a better WiFi/AP performance that is more suited to a web server application?