Does the rock960 support yuv cameras if not is there a way to add support?

Board based on the Rockchip RK3399 - ARM Cortex-A72 Dual-core up to 1.8GHz + Cortex A53 Quad-core up to 1.4GHz

I have a camera which outputs yuv422 as its output format and i need to know if rock960 can support camera streaming for yuv camera.The official documents say that it supports only camera sensors which output raw 10bit SRGB frames.Has anyone interfaced a yuv422 output format camera?


Which official document you referred? Rock960 can support packed YUV422 format. You can find the camera interfacing document below:

@Mani Is yuv422 camera sensor also supported in the Android platform? My work in based on the Android BSP

Ah, I don’t know much about Android. @hipboi @doitright might have more info!

yuv422 is supported on Android. Make sure use the tablet SDK with better camera support.

I don’t know much about CSI cameras. It’s way more complexity than I want to face, with, at least for me, no benefit over UVC.

Can you tell me how i can get my hands on the SDK you are speaking about?
When i checked the Android HAL , it did have a sensor driver for ov5645 which is a camera with yuv output format but in the sensor driver at HAL , it was mentioned that only raw format is supported.Is that some old comment?

rock960-android/hardware/rockchip/camera/SiliconImage/isi/drv/OV5645_MIPI_YUV/source/OV5645_PARREL.c +642

switch ( pConfig->MipiMode ) /* only ISI_MIPI_MODE_RAW_12 supported, no configuration needed */
case ISI_MIPI_MODE_YUV422_8:

    TRACE( OV5645_ERROR, "%s%s: MIPI mode not supported\n", __FUNCTION__, pOV5645Ctx->isAfpsRun?"(AFPS)":"" );
    return ( RET_NOTSUPP );


Since we don’t have access to libisp , i can’t properly assess if the Android Camera HAL really supports YUV format for MIPI cameras.

souce code: repo init -u -b rk3399-all-7.1 -m rk3399_n_all_release.xml

According to the RKDocs/common/camera/RK_ISP10_Camera_User_Manual_v2.2.pdf, It supports yuv442 format. But I haven’t tried.