Does MIPI CSI-2 of DragonBoard 410C support a embedded data type(0x12)?

Hi, I’m new to DragonBoard 410C platform. I wonder that MIPI CSI-2 of DragonBoard 410C can support a embedded data type(0x12). If DragonBoard 410C can’t support, then what is a recommended model name that can support embedded data type(0x12)?
I want to capture two kind of data type using MIPI CSI-2 of DragonBoard 410C.

  1. 0x12 = Embedded data (or MetaData)
  2. 0x2C = RAW12 pixel data

The answer is as usual yes and no. The MIPI-CSI hardware was designed and simulated to support everything in the spec. Unfortunately at the time the SW was written there were no devices that generated that data. So it is unlikely that there is any SW to extract the data. Even worse, there is no public documentation for the hardware so you would have to reverse engineer a solution.

I am no longer a QUALCOMM employee, I don’t speak for the company, and I may be wrong about this.

Best of luck getting it going.

Hi ljking,
Thank you for your advice. I will try the 820E processor board with CSI-2 version 1.3.