Does meta-qcom's mesa driver only support x11?

I see inside meta-qcom’s mesa bbappend file only has support x11, and meta-qcom only support one image for x11.

So I presume I can only use the OpenGL / mesa driver for x11, not for wayland?

no, it just means that we need additional mesa features when using x11 with freedreno. we want our builds to use Gallium XA tracker which is not enabled by default in the main mesa recipe config. but that’s in case you are using X11. If you are not using X11, but wayland you don’t need xa, obviously.

I don’t remember precisely why we added qcom-x11-image , most likely to ease some testing. I would be happy to merge a PR with a sample image with weston :wink:

I am aware of folks using meta-qcom with weston/wayland, with Qt5/wayland, Qt5/eglfs, and some are using wayland with they own compositors.

Thanks for reply!

Is this freedreno’s performance similar to what provided in vendor’s system image?

If not, can we enable to use the private driver which Qualcomm provided?

i don’t think there has been any comprehensive comparison between freedreno and the proprietary driver. I think you should ask/check with the freedreno folks (mailing list , irc, …) if they have any tangible data…

as for switching to the proprietary, well it’s probably possible. however it really depends on what you get from the ‘vendor’, since it will be user space proprietary blob… Qualcomm does their own Linux release, and they use Yocto as well, but they have their own meta layers… that’s the build that comes by default with the 845c board, which is integrated/provided by Thundercomm. We (Linaro) don’t do too much work on that build, so if you have specific questions about this one it might be better to ask thundercomm directly.