Does Intel Realsense D415 or D435 work on this target


Hi Community,

I’m wondering if anyone has tried to use the Intel Realsense D415 or D435 on this platform.
If so, please share your experience.


This depends on the OS you target, but AFAIK, real sense is enumerated as standard UVC interfaces and well recognized on Linux (v4L2 device). There is also high level library existing on the web (


I was looking for getting it to work on Linux.

I see that we have Debian support.

From the download page:
Clicking here on the Release Notes from the rootfs leads to webpage where you can click on packages.txt, in this document you can see the kernel: linux-image-4.15-hikey
So we got kernel 4.15. Probably with patches from hikey.

From this link:
it becomes clear that there is support for Ubuntu 16 LTS. and the drivers are supported in: The Realsense DKMS kernel drivers package (librealsense2-dkms) supports Ubuntu LTS kernels 4.4, 4.10 and 4.13.
There is an additional note that the only want to support upto 4.15. and that it might require kernel patches.

How can we make sure that these patches are compatible with changes done by hikey?


Good point, It seems they have patch on top of existing upstream kernel, mainly to add their new USB IDs in the UVC driver…

So maybe the easier way is to look at the patching script [1] and apply the few patches on top of the Hikey960 kernel. Patches are pretty simple and you should not have big issue to apply them. It’s possible that some of them are useless because already present in recent kernel.