Does hikey960's UFS supports runtime changing of HS_SERIES PHY-attribute?

I tried to change UFS PHY attribute ‘HS_SERIES’ from B to A at runtime.
But after reading back, it is giving B. !

I can change lane and gear configuration at runtime.
As per specification, the mode has to be in SLOW or PWM mode for changing HS_SERIES.
Even after putting it in SLOW power mode, not able to change HS_SERIES from B to A.

Anyone know any information regarding this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @sreenad,

I’m not familiar with UFS configuration, but looking at the Hisilicon UFS driver I think only FAST/FASTAUTO/PWM modes are supported. Did you check it after switching to PWM mode instead of SLOW mode?

Hi @Mani,
In my understanding, SLOW and SLOWAUTO modes use PWM method to transfer.
In FAST and FASTAUTO modes it uses HS (high speed) method.

As a power mode, it has SLOW, SLOWAUTO, FAST and FASTAUTO.
I already tried it by putting it to SLOW mode which used PWM method to transfer.

The spec says to put it in SLOW or SLOWAUTO mode (both uses PWM as transfer method) to change HS_SERIES PHY attribute.

But Hikey960 donot reflect the change from B to A.
After init, it is put in B series by the current driver and after that not able to change.
Method of writing to the attribute is fine I guess, because I am using the same functions to change gear and lane attributes.