Do CP2102 serial to USB module works with DragonBoard 410c?

I’m using a CP2102 module with BeagleBone Black(BBB). It has 5 pins but only 3 pins(GND, RX and TX) are being used. There are two pins(3.3V and 5V), but none is used. As far as I know both BBB and DB 410c have similar baud rate and others. So is it possible to use this module to access DB 410c UART1/Serial console?

I don’t see why not. I’m using a 3.3v FTDI TTL to USB converter. I only plugged the RX pin into the dragonboard since it’s a 1.8v source.

@Jaime, Could you give a connection description i.e. which wire of converter should be connected where on DB 410c? Your answer has assured me that I do not need any of these to access serial console only,

Thank you for your reply.

Here is the connection description