DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 Evaluation Module with DB410c

I am trying to connect this device to my db410c. I can’t understand the wiring part. I have referred the RPI with this module. There is HSYNC pins , DPI pins which are present in db410c? I think no as I referred db410c datasheet. Is it possible to connect this module to db410c?

module: DLPDLCR2000EVM Evaluation board | TI.com
Rpi with DLPDLCR2000EVM: https://e2e.ti.com/support/dlp-products-group/dlp/f/dlp-products-forum/651931/linux-dlpdlcr2000evm-integration-of-raspberry-pi-video

Looking at the datasheet of the DLP module, it has a 24-bit parallel data interface. The Dragonboard does not have a 24 bit parallel interface. What the Dragonboard (and all the other 96Boards) does have is MIPI-DSI and HDMI interfaces. These are both high speed serial interfaces.

You will need a HDMI (or MIPI-DSI) to parallel converter.

I haven’t tried it but this might work: Overview | Adafruit TFP401 HDMI/DVI Decoder to 40-pin TTL Display | Adafruit Learning System